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Visa Interview Questions for Study Abroad Aspirants

  • 2018-11-19
Why do you choose this course?

For many people this could be a really  tough question when asked in an interview as to this could feel like a cold chill in your spine running down, i have personally been in it and so have my friends. the best way to go about this is to calm down for about 30 seconds and then start off by telling them what actually inspired you to go about this program,be sure not to keep beating round the bush so that the person who is intervieweing you would stop asking you more qquestions about the same topic.

What made you choose this country is the most significant question asked in most of the universities?

To make it clear you go to be open and very precise in answering to this question as this is something which would make an impression about you and give a more better picture about why you intent to choose the very sure not to mumble at that point of time , this happens for many who come from non english speaking countries and could actually potray a wrong impression about you all though which could be wrong at that point of time.

Who is sponsoring your education?

This is something that needs no stress in responding to the question asked, well most of them say its their dad / mom , grand mom/ grand dad / sister/ brother or even it could be even an uncle or an aunt in the family.

What course did you study earlier?
Like most people keep bragging about their experiences in their past universities on how it was not effective in their progress. this answer is mostly a big turn off for the representative who is interviewing you with the admission process.

You always got to tell them the reason why you chose to study in their university is to master skills as per the standards in their country which could actually benefit you in  getting the admission.

Tell me something about yourself is the most important question in the interview?

When you respond to this question you got to make sure that you keep your family members details as low as possible and to stop bragging about achievements made in your life . always tell them about your interests in life and what makes you happy and sad,it could add as an advantage if you share some of the incidents happedned in your life as a downfall which was a motivational factor to move on in life and get to where you are.

Most people dont feel comfortable to talk about their failure but i suggest that you do so as of personal experince like they always say "Failure is a tution you pay to become a master" by telling them your failures its only going to make them think how strong as a person you are.

What are your plans after graduating from here?

You could either tell them that i would go back to my country and look for a high paying job or even take up research with Multi National companies.

DO you have any friends or family here?

Even if you have be sure to tell then NO and the reason why its NO is to not make them ask more questions about their whereabouts 

Would be staying back in the country after the study programme?

You can tell them No as to there are already hundreds of students who graduated and have absconded in their country with no grants by the government and they are not very keen on having many international students there. even if you wish to stay back please tell them that i would like to go back to my country because i have a girl friend or would like to continue living with my family as they are growing old.

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