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Poland’s education system dates back to the Middle Ages. Jagiellon University, for example, was founded in the 14th century, and today is one of the oldest universities in Europe. There are over 400 courses offered in English in Poland, many of them at an undergraduate level. Poland has several well-respected universities, including Jagiellonian University and Warsaw University. Warsaw University is ranked first in the Top Coder international IT ranking, outperforming such well-respected American universities as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The number of higher education institutions in Poland has quadrupled over the past ten years, while the number of students increased five fold. International students who choose to study in Poland will have the opportunity to receive a quality education in a quickly burgeoning academic environment.

Poland’s medical schools, in particular, are drawing an increasing number of international students. Many international students who have been unable to get into a medical program in their home country choose instead to study medicine in Poland. Although these courses are taught in English, Polish speaking skills are likely to become necessary by the end of the program, when students begin consultations with patients.

All leading universities in Poland offer high-quality programs taught in English, including medicine, engineering, humanities, business, and finance.

* Poland offers high-quality programs taught in English
* The majority of course in Poland cost significantly less than in the UK. 
* Cost of living in Poland is far lower than in Western or Northern Europe, which means that the total cost of a university education is significantly less in Poland       than elsewhere in Europe.
* Poland makes the country one of the best study destinations for international students living on a budget.


* Lazarski Foundation Scholarships
* Visegrad scholarships
* Tinson Scholarships

* Arts studies 
* Aviation 
* General studies 
* Humanities studies 
* Information and communication Technologies
* Engineering, Construction and manufacturing 
* Health and welfare 
* Services 
* fisheries and veterinary
* Law


working part-time while you're studying. International students have the right to work while studying in Poland as long as they are enrolled in an Institution. Students who are not nationals of EU member countries must also hold a valid residency permit.


Once a dependent reaches Poland, he/she can apply for a full time job. If lucky enough to land a job in Poland, dependent can then apply for a temporary residence card (TRC) in Poland. It will allow a dependent to stay in Poland and work for as long as their spouse is studying in Poland on student visa.


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