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Hey, have you mapped out How are you travelling once you land in your dream country?
Where are you going to stay? And in case of some confusion, who are you going to contact?
And how are you going to contact? OMG! So many things to plan before taking off, right?

Well, lucky for you, LeadzEdu has the best team to solve all these concerns. Let me tell you
what all, if not everything, problems we’ll solve for you post landing. And if you are stuck or
confused about what needs to be done to reach abroad,

Our Major Post Landing Services

    ● Assistance with landing and moving around
Reaching your destination is just 50% work done. If you are not prepared for everything that
comes your way, your (a)broad smile can turn into tears. But LeadzEdu won’t let that
happen. Before even taking off we would have taken care of everything for you, from moving
in the city to finding the right place for your meal.

    ● Guidance about documents at the airport
Your new Nation will have different rules and protocols. There might be a chance that you
get stuck at the airport if you don’t know their policies. We’ll guide you what to do and what
not to do, to enter your destination hassle free.

    ● Assistance with accommodation search
Unless you have someone beforehand from your friends and family at your dream
destination, you won’t get the right place to settle in. Either you’ll become a victim of some
scam or you’ll get looted with unreasonable cost. But, we are your friends and family with
contacts in that country, right? We’ll assist you to find the best suitable accommodation in

    ● Assistance with local transportation
Usually, the local transportation is expensive but you won’t have any other cheaper option
except walking or riding a bicycle and you can opt that only if you have plenty of time and
energy. So to make local transportation more pocket friendly, we’ll tell you how to get a Pass
for it. Use that time and energy for a marathon.

    ● Assistance with arranging for the relevant licenses
Whether it is the work permit you want or to apply for permanent residency, it’s never easy to
apply and get approval for these kinds of things. Allow us to assist you to have a better
chance and faster approval rate.

    ● Miscellaneous
You’ll face a whole different level of newness when you start living in another part of the
world. Every now-n-then new questions will pop in your curious brain like what phone plan
should I buy? How to reach out to a particular employee at college? How to find a job? We’ll
be just one call/text/mail away from you. We won’t let your dream transform into misfortune.

And if you are still in doubt, just fill up our form or call now to have a free of charge
consultancy. Let’s make your dream come true soon 🙂

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