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Pre Landing Services by LeadzEdu

Relax now, you’ve reached the right spot to begin your study abroad journey. It looks like a
tough road to travel but we’ve got your back and you might not have to travel by road we’ll
arrange flight for you (pun intended)
LeadzEdu is taking care of all needs of study abroad aspirants. From consulting to settling
in your dream destination, we are there for you. Without further ado let’s dive into Pre
Departure services that we provide.

Our Major Pre Landing Services

     ● Assistance with document procurement and submission
Assuming this is your first experience and even after watching multiple youtube videos, there
are plenty of questions in your mind regarding documentation; most importantly, approval of
documentation. Please take our expert suggestion and leave all the submission & approval
headache on us. We’ll guide you all along the way, whenever whichever document is

    ● Visa and Passport assistance
What would you prefer? Chasing passport office or shopping for your destination. If I were
you, I’d definitely choose the latter one. So, let’s not get into details of it just trust us and
pack your bags.

    ● Ticketing assistance
Booking a ticket is the easiest of all but it has the maximum scope of saving your budget.
You can do that by yourself if you don’t want to save some extra bucks and spend it on the
last party here or first party there. We don’t own a flight service but we surely own a few
tricks to book your tickets at the best price.

    ● Assistance with landing and moving around
Since it’s your dream destination, it’ll be your first time there and you don’t want to get into
the hassle of settling, bargaining and moving around living spaces. We’ll arrange all the
necessities prehand for you. We’ll guide and protect you like a guardian in foreign land 🙂

    ● Airport drop
Why are you even thinking about it? Packing your bags, carrying your passport & visa and
getting blessings should be the only thing on your mind before leaving. We’ll be at your
doorstep to take you to the Airport.

    ● Guidance about documents at the airport
Let’s say, you are sad as you are going away from your family, for a while. It can be difficult
for you to keep a track of all the documents that are required at the airport. We’ll help you
with that as well. We won’t shed a tear until you are on the flight.

    ● Assistance with a student group association                                                                                 Going abroad needs preparation and after reaching there you’ll need a like-minded student
group, to share all your problems, experience, plannings and what not. These will be your
new family. And they’ll be waiting for you.
See how humane we are 🙂

A good image of a student at the airport and this text!

Don’t worry a bit about anything, just call us and tell us your plan and get the best solutions
for all your problems. All you need to do is just prepare for your coming future and enjoy the

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