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Why Do You Need a Visa?

A Visa is required to stay in a non-native country whether for a short term or a long term.
Students who opt for overseas education require a Visa as well. Just that the norms for this
VISA are pretty lax so as to allow as many students as possible to pursue their education
abroad. Each of these nations has its own set of rules and regulations that the students
need to abide by to procure a visa. At LeadzEdu, we help students stick to all these
formalities so that they can get a VISA to their college of preference.

VISA regulations for different nations

US Visa: The US student visa permits students to study at accredited colleges or universities
for the entire course duration. It is commonly called the F1 Visa. The students can apply for
it after getting their I-20 form or confirmation of university acceptance. In addition to this, a
duly filled Visa Application Form, proof of Visa Fee Receipt, and Student and Exchange
Visitor Information System fee will also be required.

UK Visa: To get a UK student visa, the applicant student should meet all the relevant criteria
as mentioned in Tier 4 point-based system of the UK Government. 40 points are awarded
under this process, 30 of which are given for the acquisition of a valid Confirmation
Acceptance for Studies from one of the tier 4 sponsors.

Australian Visa: The students need to apply for an Australian Visa, at least 12 weeks prior to
the commencement of the course at the university. In addition to this, there are standard
Visa related documents as well that need to be filled and shared.

Canadian Visa: A Canadian Student Visa is usually known as a Study Permit. The major
documents that need to be furnished for getting a Canadian Visa include academic
documents, work experience details, scholarship letter (if any), university acceptance letter,
medical reports, unconditional acceptance letters, test scores, etc among others.

The Major Mandatory Requirements for VISA Application

All the countries have different requirements for processing the VISA application. While
most such applications have similar document requirements, there might be minor changes
here and there. Basis this, we have created an exhaustive list of documents that are usually

● Valid Passport: A valid passport is the most basic requirement for your VISA
application. The passport should be valid for the entire duration of your stay in the
country. In case, it has a date that is expiring within the duration, suggest that you
get a fresh passport made. Also, make sure that your passport has a minimum of 2
blank pages for visa stamping. In case you are getting a new passport issued, make
sure you have a copy of your earlier passport too.

Bonafide Documents: In order to prove that you are a bonafide resident of a country
and student of a university, you are usually required to submit transcripts. These
transcripts may be submitted directly by the university to the authorities or you may
have to do it on your own.

● Financial Documents In order to ensure that the students will be capable of taking
care of themselves during the period of their stay, the students are also supposed to
show proof of their financial stability. While some countries have pretty lenient
financial guidelines, most developed economies of Europe, the US and the UK have
fairly stringent guidelines.

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