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The Leadz Edu Way: 4 Steps to a Better Career Planning

Discovering the right career path isn’t just about choosing the right degree and then getting
into the best possible college. Rather, it is about choosing the life that you will lead once you
are done with your studies. So now, would you want to rush that decision or wait and think
and select the best possible option under the career counselling guidance of experts?

SMART Assessments to find the Best Fit

We do not just take your interests into consideration, but we also see how much of a match
they are with your skill-set and capabilities and of course your long term goals. We have
developed our assessments through years of research and planning by working with leading
International psychometricians and career experts in order to give the most accurate and
valid result

Practical Activities and Continued Interaction

In addition to making the right choice, it is also important to be sure that the choice is right.
Hence, we also engage the students in multiple well-designed interactive activities that help
them feel confident about their choices.

One-to-One Guidance from Experts

Starting from planning the career, the specialization of choice, the college, and even the
projects that need to be chosen, we at LeadzEdu provide a dedicated career counseling that
involves dedicated interaction with an assigned expert.

Support Resources

One of the key features of our career counselling service is that we provide thoroughly
researched and comprehensive resources that are aimed at not just career building but
career progression too. We provide dedicated expert-written articles, career e-guides,
resume preparation and exam calendars to assist you with the process.

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Build a Bright Future with LeadzEdu’s Career Counselling

LeadzEdu is a Global Leader when it comes to providing cutting-edge career counseling
and career-building services to students. We have been assisting students with their studies
in multiple English-speaking nations such as Australia, Canada, UK, the US, and Ireland in
addition to several other European countries. Through our extensive network of experts and
associates, we have been able to assist over a lac students achieve their goal of world-class
education in 30+ countries.


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