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Study in UK

With its time-honoured reputation for academic excellence, the United Kingdom attracts over 500,000 international students every year. Records also state that the UK is amongst the top three countries students choose for overseas education round the globe.

International Students Avg. Living Cost / year Universities
490,000+ 12,000£ 390+
Intakes Avg. Graduate’s Income / year Indian Students
January & September 30,000£ 26,685

Why study in the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom/UK, is a sovereign state located off the northwestern coast of mainland Europe. It comprises four neighboring island countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

● Rich cultural heritage & at par lifestyle routine
The UK is seen as a destination of great diversity with London being the hub for many international students. English is the official language of the UK, but isn’t the only native language. Other prominent languages you may hear include, Welsh in Wales, Gaelic and Scots in Scotland, Irish Gaelic in Northern Ireland and Cornish in Cornwall. All in all the UK is finely diverse in terms of culture and lifestyle.

● Exquisite work opportunities
As per the stats, more than 30 universities across the UK rank amongst the top 200 universities in the QS World University Rankings and the Shanghai Ranking’s Academic Ranking of World Universities. The skills at hands of a graduate student from any of the UK universities have a higher chance of getting employed than their fellow mates from
different nations.

● Support for International students
The universities in the UK welcome students of foreign nationals with open hands. There are several scholarship programs, grants, and bursaries that are available to assist the students with the cost of their education.

Post-study Work permit
Recently the UK government has announced “The Graduate Immigration Route”, which adds more ease and value for anyone who’s looking at migrating to the UK. Beginning 1st July 21’ all international students who successfully gained a degree (undergraduate or master’s) from the UK; will be able to avail the Graduate Route. It grants two years work permit in the UK after graduation, and a three years stay back permit for students who complete their PhD.

Cost of studying in the UK:
S.No. Study Level Average Fees (in GBP)
1 Undergraduate bachelor degree 8,000 to 20,000 per year*
2 Postgraduate master’s degree 9,000 to 25,000 per year*
3 Doctoral Degree 10,000 to 24,000 per year*
UK Visa Requirements :
Living Expenses Inner London 1334 GBP x 9 = 12006 GBP
Living Expenses Outer London 1023 GBP x 9 = 9207 GBP
Visa Fees

348 GBP

705 GBP for one year
It is actually calculated with an auto
calculator depends on the program
Accomadation :

Accommodation Expense in the UK depends on the kind of places you choose to stay.

On campus accommodation, Off Campus accommodation eg: A single room , Sharing rooms, or it could be an apartment depending on your budget.

(300 GBP TO 1200 GBP per month)

Work in UK

Skilled Worker visa: shortage occupations

Annually the UK government releases a “Skill trade” or “Skill shortage” list which comprises all the occupations which are having abundant job opportunities in the UK! If you’re eligible for a job in any of the profiles mentioned below then your visa acceptance rate increases as well.

1. Health services and public health managers and director
2. Chemical scientists (only jobs in the nuclear industry)
3. Biological scientists and biochemists
4. Physical scientists (various sub-industries)
5. Civil engineers
6. Mechanical engineers
7. Electrical engineers
8. Electronics engineers
9. Design and development engineers
10. IT business analysts, architects and systems designers

Steps for Studying in the UK:

1. Connecting with our counselors- Once you join hands with LeadzEdu, you would be introduced to one of our expert counselors who will guide you through the entire admission process.
2. Finalizing your education destination- First thing first, we shall focus on finalizing the best-suited study course for you and the institute, as per your preference and academic background.
3. Stamping the Documents- To lay out a smooth path for your journey to the west our team will assist you in getting all of your documents and other prerequisites ready. 
4. Submitting the Application- Once you submit your application on our desk, we will process it forward within the next 24-48 hours. Take due note of the last date of form submission and do not miss out on the end date.
5. Evaluating the Application- The submitted application is further scrutinized on two parameters: Academic Scores & Proficiency in the English language
6. Offer of Admission- After due evaluation of the application is done, you will be granted either: Conditional Offer Letter or Unconditional Offer Letter

LeadzEdu’s team will help you out with the next stage whatever the application status
might be.

7. Offer acceptance- Next, you have to make your fee payment which will be declared in the offer letter. Accept the term and condition as laid down by the institute and return it back to the institute.
8. Prepping the Visa- After the acceptance process is done, the student will be provided a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies). Now you can apply for a visa. Do not fret over the procedures involved, you will be under our expert guidance through the rounds of visa applications.
9. Pre-Departure Consultancy- Right before you take off on your new journey, a small session will be arranged wherein you will be advised on several aspects of studying and living overseas. You will get a chance to familiarize yourself with other people who are going to the same institute, city or country.
10. Take off to the UK- …and That’s it. Your dream of studying abroad would come true step by step with the help of our expert. In no time you will find yourself on the seat of the plane to the UK.

Top Universities in the UK-

Top Student cities in the UK-

1. London-

Often ranked as the world’s number one student city, London is nothing short of an academic hotspot. It has the most number of universities across all the cities of the UK. Four of these universities have placed themselves on the best 50 university list globally.

2. Edinburgh-

The Scottish capital is home to a large student community. As per reports over 36% of students studying here are foreign nationals. The city has several old town massive castles that give it a historic appearance.

3. Manchester-

Ranked 24th in the QS Best Student Cities index of 2018, Manchester has made an iron name for itself. It provides its students with a fun-packed atmosphere. It is also known for its music festivals that help nurture young talent.


4. Glasgow-

Out of the several universities in this city, two have made their place in the top 300 universities list of the QS World University Ranking of 2020. The University of Glasgow was founded over 500 years ago and has come up as a central hub of research and culture.

5. Birmingham-

Right in the heart of the nation, Birmingham is the second-largest city in the UK. The vast industrial society spread across the place has earned the tag of the ‘City of a Thousand Trades.’ With 5 top-class universities and a fully functional state-of-the-art library, the city attracts several thousand students every year.

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