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Study in Ireland

Ireland’s education system is one of the greatest in the world, and there are numerous reasons to study here. Schools and universities are worldwide networked, and graduates of Irish educational institutions can pursue a variety of vocations around the world.

International Students Avg. Living Cost / year Universities
19,000+ €7,000 and €12,000 per year 8+
Intakes Avg. Graduate’s Income / year Indian Students
January through to May. €40000 26,000

Why study in Ireland

Ireland is a small island nation off the coast of Europe. Its also known for its lovely green scenery, intriguing history, and welcoming people.
● Education
Ireland has one of the highest educational standards in the world, with seven top-tier universities and a focus on research and global collaboration.
● Culture and people
The Irish are proud of their homeland and culture, which they are eager to share with you. Despite the fact that Ireland is a small country (population: roughly five million), more than 70 million people claim to be of Irish descent worldwide.
● Safety
Ireland is a safe and tolerant country that consistently ranks in the top 20 countries in the world for quality of life, peace, and human development. With a third of the population under the age of 25, it is also a young country. Studying in Ireland will bring you into contact with more than 35,000 foreign students from 161 countries who are passionate about their home country.
● Career
Studying in Ireland might help you get off to a strong start in your career. Ireland has high-quality education that matches the needs of a competitive economy as well as knowledge transfer between institutions and worldwide businesses.
● City life
Although the major cities in this region are smaller and easier to navigate than other large cities throughout the world, they are dynamic and culturally advanced.

Cost of studying in the Ireland:
S.No. Study Level Average Fees (in GBP)
1 Undergraduate bachelor degree €9,850 to €25,500 annually
2 Postgraduate master’s degree €9,500 to €34,500 annually
3 Doctoral Degree €9,500 to €34,500 annually

Work in Ireland

Ireland is the Euro-zones sole English-speaking country, and it is globally connected as the home of many of the worlds most successful high-performance businesses.


Irelands workforce is among the finest educated in the world, with colleges ranking among the best in 19 disciplines worldwide.
Some of the worlds largest and best firms have established critical strategic research centres to take advantage of these qualified employees, resulting in a haven for skills demand and job possibilities, as well as promoting innovation across the engineering industries.


Ireland has a progressive income tax structure that is unique in the world (including employee social insurance contributions). Tax rates are among the lowest in the world, and they are unlikely to alter because successive administrations have kept them at that level in the past.


The Irish economy increased by 7.3 percent in 2017, outpacing that of any other European country; this boom in the economy is attributable to industrial trade and international cooperation. Ireland’s economic competitiveness has risen in recent years as the country transitioned to a modern free-market economy.

Young people

Ireland is one of the few countries in Western Europe with such a significant young population. Young people under the age of 25 account for 33.2 percent of the total population. Its a benefit to their community – and country – since government investments and services help Irish families.

Great atmosphere

Ireland is known for its kindness and inviting environment. Furthermore, Ireland takes pleasure in being a multicultural nation. Foreigners are seen as valuable contributors to Ireland’s progress and exciting culture.

Steps for Studying in Ireland:

1. Connecting with our counselors- When you join LeadzEdu, you will be introduced to one of our expert counsellors who will assist you throughout the admissions process.
2. Finalizing your education destination– First and foremost, we will concentrate on determining the appropriate study path for you and the institute, based on your preferences and academic background.
3. Stamping the Documents- Our experts will assist you in preparing all of your documentation and other requirements so that your journey to the west runs well.
4. Submitting the Application- We will process your application within the following 24-48 hours after you submit it on our desk. Take note of the deadline for submitting forms and make sure you dont miss it.
5. Evaluating the Application- The submitted application is further scrutinised on two parameters: Academic Scores & Proficiency in the English language
6. Offer of Admission- You will be given either a Conditional Offer Letter or an Unconditional Offer Letter after your application has been thoroughly evaluated. Whatever the status of your application, LeadzEdus team will assist you with the next step.
8. Offer acceptance- The next step is to pay your charge, which will be specified in the offer letter. Accept the institutes terms and conditions and return the document to the institute.
9. Prepping the Visa- The student will be given a CAS after the acceptance procedure is completed (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies). You can now submit an application for a visa. Do not be concerned about the procedures required; you will be guided by our experts throughout the visa application process.
10. Pre-Departure Consultancy- Right before you take off on your new journey, a small session will be arranged wherein you will be advised on several aspects of studying and living overseas. You will get a chance to familiarise yourself with other people who are going to the same institute, city or country.
11.Take off to Ireland- …and That’s it. Your dream of studying abroad would come true step by step with the help of our experts. In no time you will find yourself on the seat of the plane to Ireland.

Top Cities to study in Ireland

Dublin City

Dublin is the most populous city in Ireland. It is Irelands capital and the economic core of the country, as well as one of the most important cities to study in Ireland. There are numerous universities and colleges in this city.


Galway mixes modernism and creativity by incorporating elements of old Irish culture while also displaying the current face of Ireland. If you enjoy culture, Galway is regarded as a centre of arts and culture, and it hosts a variety of festivals each year covering a variety of topics.


The city also attracts a large number of students each year since it is a significant location for university study, as it is home to the University College Cork, which allows students to pursue studies in a variety of specialisations and majors that meet all university study standards.


Limerick is the fourth most populous city in Ireland, situated on the Shannon River in western Ireland. Like many other cities in Ireland. Limerick is famed for its artistic heritage. In 2014, the city was named the country’s first national city of culture. The city attracts a large number of international students due to the presence of prominent higher education institutions.


Maynooth is a university town in northwest Ireland that is not distant from Dublin, making it a popular study destination. Maynooth University is one of the country’s most prominent universities.

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