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Study in Malta

Malta is based as a group of islands in the Mediterranean Sea to the south of Italy. It is one of the worlds smallest and most tightly inhabited nations. The three main islands Malta Island, Gozo Island, and Comino Island, are mostly settled. The combined population is over 420,000 people.
Lovely beaches and lagoons draw much more visitors each year.

The antique capital city of Valletta and the hypogeum are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This is because they are on the island of Malta. Valletta is also gearing up to become the European Capital of Ethos.

Malta is best suited for overseas students since it is an English-speaking country with a British- style education system that offers a wide range of options for higher education. Business development managers and data scientists are continuously in demand in Malta. They offer a good salary for these jobs.

Why Study in Malta?

Malta is known as the hidden jewel of the Mediterranean because of its site. It is enclosed by exciting terrestrial sites such as Sicily and Alexandria. Malta also has its beauty. Its also a fantastic area to study because of its natural scenery, gorgeous lakes. They separate it apart from the rest of the globe.

Maltese people are not required to pay for health coverage. Global scholars will need private insurance. However, Malta’s health care is viewed as the worlds fifth finest. Malta is a sensibly peaceful nation enclosed by natural beauty. It also has a wide range of expert options for scholars to pursue.

Electronics and computer technology are becoming more popular majors. It provides full-time programs in a range of subjects. Technology, tourism, and the arts are specialty courses in Malta. The capital city of Malta, Valletta, houses the majority of these institutes. They also accept students who are participating in exchange programs. All qualifications earned at Malta’s educational institutes are globally known.

Cost of studying in Malta

When it comes to the cost of studying and living in Malta, you can anticipate both to be rational. Malta is home to both private and state-run public institutes. Both offer low-cost courses to international students.

● A college education is free for EU scholars and Maltese nationals.
● Tuition costs will be charged to non-EU scholars.
● The exact tuition price amount varies by degree and college.
● It can be about 2,000 EUR on average.
● Living costs on-campus will require an extra amount.

Utility Cost
Rent EUR 700.00 (INR 61,700.00)
Home Services. EUR 80.00 (INR 7,000.00)
Regular Transport (Local). EUR 26.00 (INR 2,600.00)
Cost per Meal. EUR 8.00-10.00 (INR 700.00- 1000.00)
Net. EUR 34.00 (INR 2,900.00)

Popular Colleges

The University of Malta.

Lying at the cross-roads of the Mediterranean, UM has been, over its 400-year history, the hub for international academic exchange on the island. UM is the leading higher education institution in Malta and its structures are in line with the Bologna Process and the European Higher Education area.

Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology (MCAST).

The Malta College of Art, Science and Technology offers a learning environment that connects you directly to the real world. Studying at MCAST will give you access to high-quality degrees that are in line with the European Qualifications Framework, and are therefore internationally recognized

Middlesex University Malta.

Middlesex is known for its research and innovation in offering education and has been awarded three Queen’s Anniversary awards in higher education. Apart from this, the university has been awarded two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for its international reputation.

Popular Courses

1. Business and Management.
2. Engineering & Information Technology.
3. Tourism and Hospitality.
4. Health and Nursing.


1. Is Malta an ideal site for academic chases?

Every year, about 75,000 international students enroll in English verbal lessons. In addition, Malta draws a prominent figure of French and German scholars and a large sum of Italian scholars.

2. Is the Malta student visa interview vital?

If you are looking for a scholar visa in Malta, you must join two rounds of interviews. Most colleges conduct valuations via Skype. Then, after being accepted into a Maltese institute, you must pass an Embassy interview for a visa.

3. Is Malta a friendly atmosphere for foreign scholars?

Yes, it provides a friendly atmosphere for foreign scholars. Scholars will go to Malta to study opening July 1, 2020, inferring that the borders will be open for entry.

4. Is it likely for me to travel to Malta without taking the IELTS?

One of the most challenging hurdles to cross is the IELTS score condition. So yes, the IELTS Test is not vital for Malta.

5. Is it cheap to study in Malta?

You can anticipate both to be reasonable. Malta is home to both private and state-run public institutes. Both of which offer low-cost courses to international students.

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